If you are dynamic and willing to learn new things, if you love culture and are a good storyteller, we wait for you to contact us!



  • Daria

    My name is Daria and I studied International Management of Hotels and Restaurants in Lyon, France, at the Paul Bocuse International Institute.


    After graduation and some professional experiences in France, my love for tourism, hotels and the restaurant industry brought me back to Iasi, because I strongly believe in this city’s potential  and in what it can offer to all those who give it a chance.


    I came back with the desire, plainly explained, to apply to Iasi everything I’ve learned from the hotel specialists and from the restaurant professionals of the institute I graduated from, wishing to make the others see the beauty of my city as I see it.



  • Misha

    My name is Mihaela Bunduc, but my friends call me Micha, and I’m from Iasi. In my childhood, I lived in a Jewish house my parents bought for us to move in, later on, in a little house located on one of Iasi’s hills.


    As the years passed by I discovered that, first of all, I like people, foreign languages and walks. The first special walk that I remember was by train. Maybe this is why I especially like to travel by train, whatever the distance. Because by train, I can travel with eyes wide-open towards myself and the others.


    Thus, I realized I don’t like neither routine, nor unrealistic facts; but in exchange, I appreciate innovation and connection, may they be a playful approach or an adventure full of charm.


    I have simple tastes yet great wishes. In my inner travels, I imagine myself harmonious and modest. Else, I choose the adventures that put at work my capacity of innovation and analysis, every time for subjective reasons…


    However I wonder who can be really objective when invited to take part on a three dimension travel (past-present-future) fuuuull of unimagined stories in one’s home city?



  • Alex Ioan

    My name is Ioan-Alexandru, manager, entrepreneur, former editor-in-chief at Phoenix, the French magazine of “Mihai Eminescu “ High School, former pupil prize winner, brother, colleague and good friend.


    In the last two years I began to wish to discover as many places, people, things, cultures and customs as possible. Being drawn by travels ever since I was a little boy and having the chance to visit Europe, CityID came as a wonderful addition into my life. Thus, I begin a new , challenging travel, full of adventures, the foundations of which I built together with the rest of the team, therefore, acquainted with its idea, I can assure you that if, you “buy” a ticket for this adventure, you will not regret it at all, since you’ll live something really special.


Operations Department

  • Cintia

    My name is Cintia. I’m a teaching staff at the university and, with each generation of students, I realize to what extent knowing the places and the environment where man develops is necessary. Having a 10 year experience in education, I strongly believe in the forming of the soul in various domains through personal experiences.


    This is why I work together with the CityID team with a real interest, in order to bring everyone the image of a new yet ancient city, young yet old, well-known, but mysterious at the same time.


Management Director

  • Ioana

    My name is Ioana Alexandra and I’m a 2nd year student of Bachelors  at the Faculty of Letters.


    Reflecting about what I could say in order to introduce myself, I realized that all the things I like have something in common, and this is the tendency to the make puzzles.


    I like music, for all the feelings that it stirs inside of me, and I like people, for themselves, for the things I can learn from them and for the things I can teach them.


    At last but not least, I like travels. Of all kinds: imaginary, in real life, through books, music, in cities because, at first, a travel is a puzzle waiting to be solved.


    To conclude, I love my city, the way it is, the way one loves a human being, unconditionally. There’s been a short while since I realized that Iasi, is the biggest of all puzzles, but one that I begin to solve together with some wonderful people, the CityID team.


    Now, me too, I look forward to sharing what I know and to discover, together with other eager people, the unsolved puzzles of this beautiful city.


  • Alexandra

    My name is Alexandra, I’m almost 17 and I am ambitious, sensitive, perfectionist, a convinced realist and always willing to help.


    I am found of journeys, reading, watching movies and night walks when the sky is full of stars. I like the flower’s delicate perfume (especially jasmine and lavender), the sounds of string instruments, the cute pandas, landscapes at sunset as well as the beauties of this wonderful city named Iasi, the city I was born in and I am proud of, the city that never ceases to amaze me with new and precious things that are the basis of its birth and evolution in time.


    As for me, I can add that I always like to transmit positive energy to those who surround me, to transform moments and experiences into unforgettable memories, to catch honest smiles as well as natural beauty in a picture. I believe in other people’s potential and in what we can all do together. I am thrilled and grateful to be part of the CityID team and to share with you all the emotions of our seven-hilled city.


    So, I invite you on a journey where we will discover together the “sayings “ of a story-like city.



  • Ana

    I would like to start by saying that I’m Ana, from Moldavia…an ambitious, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and willing Moldavian girl, very fond of music, sports and all that is related to the daily beauty.


    I like singing and I’m a soccer fan. I‘d rather be in the company of many people which explains the glowing smile on my face. I think in two dimensions as I do it in two languages (Romanian and Russian), and last but not least, I am a dreamer.


    So, I invite you to join me and the CityID team, to dream together the stories of Iasi..



  • Bogdan

    My name is Bogdan. Bogdan, the pupil …


    I’m passionate about everything that’s beautiful in our country; I love mountain hikes and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. I want to discover new things and to put my limits to the test.


    So, when I was invited to be part of the CityID team I was very pleasantly surprised, because I feel I needed something like this in my life. I know for sure our country has to offer a lot more than can be seen at first glance and I want to contribute in the discovery of real Romania.


    Books, movies, serial movies, mountain hikes and history are some of my passions. As my favorite writer J.R.R.Tolkien, said: “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”, and I believe that CityID is a dream come true and for sure it will conquer the world.



  • Cristina

    My name is Cristina. I’m a student and I chose a Humanistic profile due to the fact that I like foreign languages: studying them is one of the pleasures of my life.


    I also like buying a lot of books, they make me feel rich in a spiritual way.


    Otherwise I’m ambitious, sincere, honest and kind. I prefer the company of positive people and the one of those who can teach me something. When I put my mind at something I finish it. My biggest dream is to fulfill myself both professionally and as a human being, to the joy of my parents.


    Or, at my age, I believe there can’t be a better start than to join the CityID team, a team of young and original people, each one in his own way, also a competitive team in which I feel I will make progress.


    And if by reading the open book of the city that will adopt me for a while, I will also discover new things, what can be more challenging for a young woman nowadays?



  • Florian

    I am an active person who likes to travel a lot as well as to meet new people and places, to discover their stories so that later on they could be retold to whoever is willing to hear them, whether it is a funny happening, an emotional one or a story full of meaning.


    I am a persevering, sociable nature. I like to read, collect train and automobile models and to do sports in general. I also like to catch moments of life through the lens of a camera.


    I am very fond of Iasi, a special city, full of history and that contributed, to a little or great extent, to almost all the major events in Romania’s tumultuous evolution.


    And especially because I am very fond of my home city and because I really wish for everybody to find out its stories, I offer my service as a “storyteller” to uncover to anyone who is curious at least some of the past stories this unique city is hiding.



  • Mady

    My name is Mădălina, and at the present I am a Bachelors student at the Faculty of Letters and I also work in a multinational company.


    I had a lot of reasons to accept CityID’s challenge, but I will insist on one idea: I share a real passion for the historical facts and for a truthful account of the past.


    As I imagined, this project offered me the chance to find out the real progress of the stories about the “Town of Iasi”, that I used to believe I knew well but I really knew summarily. You wouldn’t believe how many stories are hidden in the walls of my thrilling home town still waiting to be discovered…


    This is why, I hope, dear tourists, that your will to know make you accept the invitation that the extraordinary team CityID suggests you: Discover the true identity of Iasi!



  • Madalina

    My name is Madalina Andreea. I am 20 years old and currently studying Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa".


    I consider myself a sociable, ambitious, strong person, but sometimes emotions can overwhelm me.

    I like to read and write. I believe that writing can cure loneliness, but it can also be a safe passage to self-knowledge.


    It is said that the city in which you live is an expression of wishes. Iasi is the city where I was born and grew up. I am motivated and eager to uncover its secrets and also share some of the wonderful stories of this metropolis with all those who are willing to learn them.



  • Oana

    My name is Oana and I am 17. I am solitary, shy and well known as a “model of seriousness” but I also laugh as often as I have the chance. As a devoted reader, my eyes are always on some novel while the critical references are close, I find it impossible to tell stories, to talk without remembering one book or another, maybe a poem, a verse lost somewhere, but which must find its place in my little stories. Call it déformation professionnelle, I love writing, composing, so, I need to cast anchor in my favorite domain now and then.


    Passionate about the “Land of the Rising Sun”, I am volunteering for the Romanian –Japanese Association, Himawari, and I go thoroughly in all there is to discover: whether it is about tea ceremony, traditional games, literature or language itself, I like practicing, organizing these little “escapades” in the Nippon universe.


    One must follow one’s dream no matter what, right? So… „isshoni gambarimashou”!^^


    I think Iaşi is a page of living culture waiting for us to discover it, to have the courage to trustfully turn it for it has a lot to offer. I want us all to be able to say that, together, we dared to believe, to dream and finally to discover.



  • Otilia

    My name is Otilia and I’m a student at the Faculty of Letters at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iaşi.


    I openly declare that if there is something that I am really fond of in this world, then it is foreign languages. I consider every language I don’t understand as a challenge and, as I love challenges, I try to clear up as many foreign languages as possible and I hope to succeed in making out of my passion a way of living and in becoming an interpreter.


    I love traveling and getting to know new people, to make new friends and to try new things. I do admit I didn’t love my home town from the beginning, but a year ago, I realized that I wouldn’t change Iasi for anything in the world, even after I had the chance to discover many other cities, inside as well as outside Romania.


    Now, once with my change of view over this wonderful city, I accepted to join the CityID team to prove that Iaşi deserves a chance, that it is a city full of history and culture, that Iasi is a treasure, maybe a little dusty because of the darkness of time, but a city that never accepted to lose its beauty and the abundance of the provocations that proposes to the ones that are willing to discover it again and again.



  • Petrina

    My name is Petrina Teodora, I’m born in june 1997 and I like to say about myself that I love beauty. Since I was little, I tried to focus on things that passionate me and to be the best I can be. Passions changed in time, but each one of them left in me a piece, a part of the human being I am now.


    The first one was dance, that taught me what discipline, control and responsibility means.

    Later, I discovered writing that made me understand that imagination is our most precious asset, but also the fact that thought can set us free.


    During high school, being part of the French theater team made me realize that the emotions that one can feel behind the curtains, before coming out onto the stage and the applauses of the loved ones at the end are the perfect example of pure happiness.


    Another thing that had an impact on me is the city I was born and raised in: Iasi. With every step I make, the streets, the parks bring me memories that make me love it even more. I admit I took seriously interest in studying abroad, but my affection for those places and its people and the opportunity of being part of the CityID team determined me to stay.


    And here I am, ready to show you the beauty of my Iasi…





  • Sorina

    Co-founder of CityID, my name is Sorina and I’m a French teacher. Obviously you could ask yourselves what is the connection between a teacher, and even a French teacher, and the CityID project, a touristic one, services provider…


    Being a teacher for more than 35 years, I understood the importance of understanding the way to pass on what one knows, because this represents the most precious richness that one can give to next generations. And my parents, teachers themselves, they always used to repeat to me not to forgive to tell the beauty and richness and uniqueness of their city.


    Finally the connection is umbilical, especially with the young people that, as a co-founder, I chose to promote, young people of performance, enthusiastic, full of energy and original, that deserve to have the chance of an unusual activity and I would dare to say unique in the city of Iasi.


    This way, my entire experience as a teacher led me, at the age of 53, an age when other people start to settle down, to the opening of my concerns for a different kind of education, that gets out of the classroom and into the streets, that doesn’t look at a blackboard written by chalk, but at  the facades of the buildings, and to the streets and to the parks, and to the treasures on which it is documented  the pulse of an incredible city; a city that stimulate its young people to move their attention from barren and sad lessons to stories full of wonderful and original stories.


    So, I’m enjoying the fact that my life as a teacher receives a new challenge that I feel able to face: Iasi, à nous deux maintenant!



  • Teona

    The easiest aspect when one introduces oneself is to say one’s name: I am Teona.


    I am a high school student so I spend my time doing common (ordinary) things: I read out of passion, I am editor at our school’s magazine, I drink tea, I find joy in chocolate’s flavor and I love my friends.


    I haven’t been able yet  to find an answer to the question: “What do you want to become when you’ll grow up?”. For now, I decided to follow this beaten paths by history’s sealed traces. Step by step, I shall guide myself after the past’s old and glorious scent and I invite you to discover touching enigmas, to ask ourselves questions about dilemmas hidden in time’s mystery, and to find answers.


    This is not only about a simple imaginary journey to the past, this is about achieving a real connection to everything that is around us, a humanitarian act that becomes a solution against the lack of interest towards all that remains incomprehensible, but most of all an unconventional lesson on “Why one must love Iasi”.



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