During these tours, we put the accent on the child’s interest, since CityID’s objective in this case is to find out all the methods to stir his interest, to captivate him and thus to help him acquire a taste for knowledge and discovery through stories of the world of art, architecture, history and literature. The adventure remains, however, a group experience, as the parent is not totally excluded from the play, the family being dynamically involved in a collective educational adventure. The CityID storytellers are all trained to apply visual thinking as well as learning through questioning (heuristic) techniques.

Children have another wordily approach, ask unique questions, have a different understanding of reality, can notice things that are invisible to the grown-ups and, unlike their parents, they can relate in a totally different way to the idea of discovery. Their world is made of stories. This is why, the City ID family program takes into account all these differences. Carefully reflected upon by educators having a rich experience in the child/ childhood universe, the tours specific to this program plan to bring together both the parent’s joy to share and the children’s joy to discover. Interactive, exciting, motivating, these tours may be the extreme joy of an unforgettable afternoon or weekend with the family..


Duration : 2h30 aprox.


It is very important that you do a pre-booking for this tour, which is meant for children aged between 4 and 12 years old.

Children must be accompanied by at least one adult./ Every adult must be accompanied by at least one child. – This is a family tour.

Price per person (child or adult): 15 euro for a minimum of 2 persons (30 euro/ group) and a maximum of  8 persons (115 euro/ group).

Free of charge for children under 4 as they are confided to the exclusive care of the adults that accompany them.




The Otilia Cazimir House

Saint Nicholas Church

Palace of Culture

National Theatre

Pogor Residence

Union Museum


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