In the last few years, we witness, in Europe,  the development and the diffusion  of a new type of tourism – the local tourism, a specialized brand, based on little tourism companies, created administered and owned by small local communities.


In this context of local tourism, CityID considers that Iaşi is a special city, with a very interesting potential to attract visitors whose curiosity concerning this last big city at the eastern frontier of Europe can be stirred by Internet as well as by the easiness to exchange information and images, an easiness given by the new technologies. CityID embraces the tourism activity with a certain carefulness meant to ensure everybody that beyond the tourism development, the city’s local community, culture and environment are also respected and preserved. In other words, CityID commits, as a team, to put into practice a sustainable type of tourism, to be a trend setter in further preserving the authenticity and the integrity of these unique places.


 In order to achieve all these ambitious desiderata, CityID plans to provide, thanks to a professional, multidisciplinary staff having an European, multilingual formation with young, dynamic, involved and ingenious members, thanks to an excellent social network but also to a new, nonconformist and efficient vision, package tours and innovative experiences both for external tourists, Romanians or foreigners, and for the city’s citizens.


Adapted for a various aged public, these complex socio-cultural packages have an original structure and a tempting content and are meant to modulate their duration to a minimum of at least half a day, so that the experience’s consistency could be real and satisfying. The CityID tours also aim at restoring the city to its citizens by offering them a special discount, so that they could rediscover their city’s profound identity and implicitly their own.


CityID doesn’t offer tours according to the standard touristic concept. The CityID tours follow a different concept, more explicitly one of restoration to the public of this city’s historical, cultural and life content; this can be done by transforming the entire experience into a narrative one, based on the storyteller’s charisma and on the surprise of discovering everything that lies behind the visited places.

CityID doesn’t offer tours with common guides, but with young narrators specialized according to the above mentioned concept, narrators that are charismatic, flexible, adaptable to the tourists they meet, cultivated and passionate, available and whose mission is to please the clients.

 CityID neither addresses to its potential public without making a clear distinction between his various categories nor does it present to this one a standard product, tallied with no considerations to the preferences or the necessities of the public. CityID takes into account different types of public, according to age, thus, the approach strategies are adapted to the pubic and conceived with great care.



WHAT MAKES us different?


Even if the reason why everybody wants to see and visit the Palace of Culture or the Three Hierarch Church is obvious, these sites are on well beaten paths and this is why they often disappoint. Moreover, most of the times, guides content themselves with merely showing these monuments, unaware of the true and interesting stories that define them.


If you wish instead to acquire a real understanding of our city’s glory and richness, unfortunately ignored lately, you’ll gain much more authenticity when choosing museums, monuments and surroundings less known yet full of life and real culture.


Also, if you look for experiences off the beaten track, be sure that by the CityID tours you will get to know people, you will discover exotic aspects known by only a  few of us  in the world, you will acquire a new perspective concerning the original discovery of a new city.


Finally, even if, at first, one may be destabilized either by the effort made during a walking tour or by the discovery of some places that seem, to all appearances, of no importance on the map you bought at your arrival in Iaşi, be sure however that CityID represents the most suitable solution to get out of the routine and to discover originality…




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