By day or by night, the CityID tours are personalized, adaptable to the public’s desire,  combining walking with the unique experience of a

drive in a vintage car or of a ride by carriage and, above all, they plan  to tell the 1001 stories of Iasi, without boring and overwhelming with

any details. So, this  is about


- narrative tours that tell the story of a kaleidoscope city’s existence


- reconstitution tours of the city’s historical composition, of different types, depending on the public


- professional tours, precise from the point of view of the given information, with possible further additions at the demand of the public


- tours that give the public the possibility to know the authentic and modern life of Iasi through the opening they propose concerning its


dynamic perspectives, as well as through the stops in coffee shops and restaurants, at midday and in the evening, in pursuit of  this city’s

 culinary refinement


- friendly tours, supported by specialized equipment for the transfer of information - tablets and a hi-fi audio system


- tours that intend to leave a trace at the end: invisible traces - interesting experiences, surprising ones, as for example particular memories

 as well as concrete traces - a brochure containing an illustrated summary with the city’s history (the families that founded it, the intellectuals

 that gave it an European synchrony, the artists - be it Romanians or foreigners - that gave splendor to the city, the original places that make it



 Finally, the tours also want to give the city back to its citizens by offering a special discount system conceived for the locals, so they discover the profound identity of their city and, implicitly, their own identity.

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